Swan Attack!

Think NJ boardwalks, and what do you get? – rides; minigolf,  Kohrs orange and vanilla softserve and a very “un”Fun house (according to our grandson). But how about swans?  I didn’t think so.

But recently, down in Pt Pleasant, we were driving past the lake on the otherside of the boardwalk’s main parking lot when I spied two sets of cygnets on the shore with two magnificent white swans.   Mike pulled our white 4 door around to get a better look just as I was remembering being chased by a swan in a canoe on Long Island once and pointing out the swans can be fierce.

Well,  Mr. Great Swan himself was not at all pleased with the new white beast in the neighborhood and headed straight for our grille.   Mike started to pull back but stopped since I was shouting that I couldn’t see the bird – but he was there, attacking our right front tire, then pecking the door, then …me!  But with the window was closed, I only caught the glare in his eye.

Somehow, Mike managed to back the car up and out of the way with no harm done to bird or vehicle.  Swan seemed extremely proud, stretching his wings, flicking his tail and stomping back to his brood on his immense webbed feet, having conquered the big foreign white intruder.  Boy, was I glad for the car window.   And those baby swans were adorable.


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