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Beach babies and standing out in a crowd…

Last week was “immature”  week on the beach – a immature common tern begging from a parent; the least of the least terns – I’d call them teeny terns – running along the beach and trying out their wings.  And then, was that a single piping plover?  I hope so, it would be the first for the year.

Always big flocks.   And in amongst the largest flocks of birds you see all the time;  there are those birds that defy “birds of a feather”.   Like two giants hiding out in a whole flock of common terns; two giants, both of whom were having bad scary hair days: two Royal terns.    Or the ruddy turnstone running with the sanderlings.

Or the flip of that …. usually I’ve seen one or two semi-palmated plovers in between all those sanderlings, but last week, just the reverse.

And finally, what could that flock be of smaller than sanderlings, but looking like sanderlings, but really really small???