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Jingle Shells and Mermaids’ Toenails

7 am along Seabright beach and it’s clear, cool, and clean on Sunday morning.

Passed two sleepers camped out on the beach as we started out, as well as a young couple embracing in their very own world.  But then we were among friends – fishermen and black back gulls.

It was crab day on the beach – the black backs were feasting on all sorts of spider crab parts.  I got to see my first live spider crab who was burying as far and as fast as he (she?) could in the sand.   I would have too.

I’m always amazed at what different treasures you find on this beach compared to beaches near Pt Pleasant just 40 minutes south of here.  Near Point Pleasant,  you find whole big clam shells and moon snails and mussels; and occasionally, if you’re lucky, periwinkles and starfish.  Seabright beach offers large beautiful rocks and these golden and white and black translucent shells I just discovered are called jingle shells (or mermaids toenails).

Lots of mermaids must have had pedicures on Saturday evening while those campers slept on the beach.

Stopping to watch a flock of terns fish before we turned around, we were suddenly surrounded by a blizzard of frenzy as the terns plunged in front of waves breaking close to the shore.   The geometric flash of their wings was dizzying and for another first time, I saw a wave actually crest over a tern only to have the tern pop up, right out of the top of the wave’s crest.  Wave 0, tern 1.  And a good time to turn around.