Watership Downs

Anyone remember the bestseller years ago all about the inner life of rabbits? I think I need to dig it up and read it again since apparently many rabbits are moving into our neighborhood.   All very cute so far, since noone has been eating my garden yet.

And yet, they are making the most of it.   A couple of weeks ago, I was  pulling out the last of the dead daffodil leaves when I saw a pile of fluff.   Thinking it was garbage, I reached for it and “POP!”,  something brown, furry and incredibly small leapt from underneath almost sending me on my you know what.  Baby bunny stared at me and I stared back.   Two other brothers and sisters snuggled in the now exposed nest, decide it might be time to move on.   We’ve since seem several small rabbits around and about, so they didn’t move far, but then, that’s what all our bushes are good for.


Shore Count

Counted on a beach walk in Seabright, NJ today:

  • 1 (solitary) Willet
  • 1 Common Tern
  • 5 Oyster Catchers
  • 4 (very noisy) Least Terns
  • a flock of Greater Black Backs
  • 1 (very happy) golden lab
  • 11 women in bikinis
  • 3 fishermen
  • 2 men in beach chairs

Where’s your mama?

So – we were wondering why the guy in front was flying solo. But then again, he wasn’t.

I used to love Where’s Waldo; count the hidden cows; I Spy.  So, can you find the mama in the picture below?

You’re not a loon…

gliding south along the shoreline

through a calm ocean expanding to blue sky,

a single merganser

Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

I did it!  I finally got to the Philadelphia Flower Show which has been on my own personal “1,000” things to do list for some time now.  Wow.  It’s enormous and stunning and well, overwhelming (until you dive in and start to pay attention to each individual exhibit and presentation. It did take some time to get over the overwhelming, relax and maneuver among the crowds, and begin to absorb the amazing breath of the show.)

The theme was springtime in Paris and that’s where we landed:

 We entered the show wandering the displays over 1,000 sq ft, bringing us under the Eifel Tower; past these amazing carousel figures of all natural materials (of course); past Parisian bistros; through Parisian gardens; and a grand Parisian salon.

We saw large floral arrangements;

and miniature arrangements.  


We saw porch displays and window displays and hardy flowering plants and not-so-hardy plants and succulents, ending with an amazing marketplace of floral/garden/edibles boutiques, the top seller of which?  Sprays of pussy willow!  Up above the throngs; every tenth person seem to be waving them. I haven’t seen pussy willow in years. Forsythia and pussy willow. Growing up , these two always meant Spring to me. Seeing the willow buds again brought me right back to walking to elementary school.  Quite a trip for a single day, from Paris to first grade .

Rock on

The first beach walk of every year, Mike and I collect rocks, pick the best and throw the rest back to sea.   So here’s the keeper for 2011 –

And here’s the keeper in the entire collection –

60 Swans A Swimming….

No fooling!   60 in the Shrewsbury River.  Well,  most were swimming and some were hanging out on the few remaining ice floes looking cold.